Sweep it Under the Carpet

May 12, 2019
Chalk Farm Road, North London, UK

Sweep it Under the Carpet (2006) by Banksy.

Possibly one of the most recognisable Bansky artworks, Sweep it Under the Carpet appeared on a wall on Chalk Farm Road, North London in around 2006.

It shows a woman dressed as a maid who is sweeping dirt under the cover of a brick wall.

The piece is said to represent the reluctance of the western world to deal with global issues such as the AIDS epidemic, amongst others.

Banksy said: “In the bad old days, it was only popes and princes who had the money to pay for their portraits to be painted.¬†This is a portrait of a maid called Leanne who cleaned my room in a Los Angeles motel. She was quite a feisty lady.”


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