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Reality Distancing by Pako Campo

Reality Distancing

We are abstracted in other worlds, a reality distancing not only from our previous reality, but also from the reality of the present.
Disruption Project (2018) by Pablo Peña - Pako Campo

Disruption Project

Disruption Project (2018) by Pablo Peña. He creates touching and thrilling stories through his images, a travel to a complete new story.
Aladdin Sane (1973) by Brian Duffy - Pako Campo

Aladdin Sane

The cover of Aladdin Sane was made by Brian Duffy. The iconography of the blue and red ray of David Bowie became a true referent of pop culture.
TVE 1. Tvemos


Back to normal life in a big way! Last Monday, my work was featured on the TV show “Tvemos” at La 1 of TVE. Thanks to TVE for spreading my art.
Ana Frank, una historia vigente by Pako Campo

Ana Frank, una historia vigente

Poster design for the art exhibition "Ana Frank, una historia vigente", hosted at the Cultural Center "Las Monjas", Cenicero, La Rioja.
XVIII Salón de Otoño de Pintura y Escultura de La Rioja by Pako Campo

XVIII Salón de Otoño de Pintura y Escultura de La Rioja

XVIII Salón de Otoño de Pintura y Escultura de La Rioja", on its 40th anniversary in 2019, at the Cultural Center "Las Monjas".
Fluorescence Biennale by Pako Campo

Fluorescence Biennale

My experience in the Fluorescence Biennale. What better to put some color in bad professional experiences? Let's put a color filter!
Balloon Dog (Blue) (1994-2000) by Jeff Koons - Pako Campo

Blue Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog Blue an impressive work of Koons in a series of sculptures that recall the rituals, icons and images around birthdays, and other holidays
In the bridge by Pako Campo

In the bridge

Sometimes I love to walk in my hometown, Logroño, around the places of my adolescence. I have always loved this bridge, next to the old cinemas.
Colectiva 2019 photo album - Pako Campo

Colectiva 2019

Colectiva 2019 photo album, with some pics from the opening party in Cultural Center "Las Monjas" on Cenicero, La Rioja, Spain.

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