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The Artists’ Advice

1,000 artists share everything about Making a Living from Art

by NOENGA® Vocation for Art

This is an essential guide for artists who dream of turning their art passion into a successful career!
The best documented account of art-career development ever collected (1,000+ pages of content). Unquestionably the most comprehensive research ever performed, based on solid international crowd-wisdom. The result of our massive 10-year art-network building.

In this book you’ll learn about:

  • Art-business Strategy and Tactics. Tips, Ideas, Motivation.
  • Marketing, Personal-branding, Online-promotion, Sales
  • Public-relations. Managing time, Finances and Customers

How to make a living doing what you love most, Art.
If you want to make a living from art you need a lot of extra skills and expertise. You probably struggle finding the time to do it all. Art is not an easy business. The good news is, you are not alone! This book unveils the experiences from over a 1,000 artists and art-businesses like galleries, art consultants, marketeers and collectors, sharing what works and what not. Never before were so many people consulted on this topic.

Are you dreaming of turning your art passion into a successful career? Then Start Now!
The Artists’ Advice offers an opportunity to make an exiting learning trip around the world. It offers practical advice, on cultivating a business mind-set, marketing and selling art, promoting yourself and more. Uniting so many people that share the same dreams and goals the book becomes also a spiritual companion, offering ideas, inspiration and motivation.

We believe
That in this day and age, collaboration among artists is key to succes. The art-world has become too complex to do it all alone. Crowd-wisdom projects such as this book are therefore crucial to the prosperity of the international art community.

“If people make it possible to live from a desert, its possible to live from the art”.
– Edmon Khalil

English language. 1,000+ Pages of content.

NOENGA Vocation for Art. The Artists' Advice
NOENGA Vocation for Art. The Artists' Advice
NOENGA Vocation for Art. The Artists' Advice
Advice from Pako Campo
NOENGA Vocation for Art. The Artists' Advice
Advice from Pako Campo

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