Tribute to Christian Dior

Tribute to Christian Dior

on Sep 15, 2018

in Madrid

On July 5th, the exhibition Tribute to Christian Dior was opened. I share with you some photos of the opening party. It is an exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture organized by @santanaartgallery in Madrid. It was open until July 21st and the participating artists were:

nieves BUSTAMANTE · pako CAMPO · álvaro CARRACEDO · pedro CAULES · javier ESQUÍROZ · patricia FERNÁNDEZ PAZ · isabel G. IRURZUN · mercedes GARCÍA LÓPEZ · juan ISASI · maría ysabel MÉNDEZ · sebastián MOLINA MARTÍN · mercedes paz PÉREZ · pablo PEÑA · pilar PÉREZ-BOUTÓN · raúl PÉREZ MARTÍN · indira RESTREPO · miguel SANTANA · josefina TERMIN · pilar XERCAVINS · vivian YAN

You can see all the photos of the event at the following address:

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