Wheatfield with Crows

December 16, 2018
Auvers-sur-Oise, Paris, France

Wheatfield with Crows (1890) by Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh used to get away from the village to visit the wheatfields. He liked to do it. For him, the experience and observation of nature were the true ways to understand art.

He painted several paintings of wheatfields. In a letter to his brother, he explained that he was trying to express his state of mind through them.

Behind the famous wheat fields under the turbulent skies he painted, we can glimpse the loneliness and extreme sadness he felt.

Wheatfield with Crows was one of his last works. It is one of his most famous works because of the melancholy he expresses. And for that reason he has also been considered, wrongly, as the last work he painted before the suicide

The threatening sky, the road that is lost in the wheatfield and vanishes on the horizon, the black birds, the crows that presage death.

Van Gogh doesn’t imitate what he sees, Van Gogh expresses what he feels. That’s why he is Van Gogh, and that’s why he is so thrilling for us.


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