Years before Banksy…

Years before Banksy…

on Dec 8, 2018

in Salamanca

Currently, it is a very popular type of art, mostly thanks to a very good marketing work. But years before Banksy was so popular, many artists (like me) already made social criticism through stencils in the streets.
We made this street art as a protest for the management of the catastrophe caused by oil spills from the Prestige vessel by the Government of Spain. It represents the then president of Galicia, Manuel Fraga, turned into an octopus covered in oil, or as we called it here “chapapote”.
These photos are from the time I was going to the university, in Salamanca, Spain, in 2003. Now it has already been prescribed, so I can share them with you. 😂😂
My apologies for the image quality. Back then, the cameras were not as good as they are now.

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Upside Down caption 2 (2015) by Pako CampoRostro de Salvador Dalí (2017) by Eduardo Kobra - Pako Campo